Elementary School (former) Reconstruction – Blaine ME


“One of the highlights of the School Department this year has been the transformation of the Grammar School. With the assistance of an E. R. A. project and a special allotment from the State School Fund we have been able to move the Town Hall building a satisfactory distance from the road and change its position as to secure the maximum amount of light and heat. The schoolrooms have been moved downstairs and refinished with an ample corridor between, a large furnace, flush toilets, and drinking fountains have been installed and the playground has been graded. Under such changed conditions a new spirit prevails in the school. Teachers and pupils alike are more contented, have a greater respect for the building, and under such stimulation progress is immeasurably accelerated. Mr. Almon Tompkins, present janitor at the Grammar School as well as the Primary School has shown a real interest and pride in his work and keeps the building in splendid condition.”

A local teacher in Mars Hill says that Blaine hasn’t had an active school system for a number of years and students attend school in Mars Hill. However, the building is still used for community events.

Source notes

Annual Report of the Selectmen. Treasurer. Assessors and Other Officers of the Town of Blaine For the Municipal Year Ending March 1936

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on May 17, 2014.

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Location Info

Blaine, ME 04734

Coordinates: 46.505365, -67.868137

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