Dundee State Fish Hatchery (demolished) Improvements – Electra TX


The Dundee State Fish Hatchery was built in 1927 with 44 ponds. The Works Progress Administration built stone bridges and concrete drainage ditches at the hatchery. The hatchery is currently the largest Texas state hatchery in operation with 97 ponds.

The current manager of the hatchery relayed that the structures pictured in the historical photographs have either been removed or covered over in the expansion of the hatchery.

Source notes

Note cards on historical photographs from the National Archives and Records Administration digitized by the Historic Sites and Structures Program, Texas State Parks (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department): (https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157665788478480), accessed April 17, 2018.

Texas Hatcheries, Dundee: (https://tpwd.texas.gov/fishboat/fish/management/hatcheries/dundee.phtml), accessed April 17, 2018.


Project originally submitted by Larry Moore on April 17, 2018.

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Location Info

Texas Parks & Wildlife Dundee State Fish Hatchery, 16824 FM1180
Electra, TX

Location notes: Below Lake Diversion in Archer County, Texas Coordinates:33.8239, -98.9312

Coordinates: 33.82272, -98.93119

One comment on “Dundee State Fish Hatchery (demolished) Improvements – Electra TX

  1. I am a geologist living in the Austin, Texas, area and grew up in Electra, Texas (Wichita County) and have been studying the Electra City Park and the structures constructed by the WPA (1935-1937). I have also documented outcrops of the chocolate brown limestone, called Beaverburk (Permian age) as well as structures in Electra and ones in Archer and Wichita Counties that the WPA use to build the local structures. I recently visited the Dundee State Fish Hatchery below the dam at Lake Diversion. I documented the houses and other facilities constructed by the WPA in the late 1920’s. The Beaverburk limestone is only found in Wichita, Archer and Baylor Counties. I recently documented over a dozen structures with the limestone in rural areas outside of Electra.

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