Dry Valley CCC Camp – Monticello UT


The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) established a camp 23 miles north of Monticello  in San Juan County, in the southeast corner of Utah. CCC teams worked around Dry Valley, Indian Creek, Blanding, Monticello and La Sal, building fences and corrals; flood control and erosion works, including reseeding, revegetation and cultivation; telephone lines; and  campgrounds.  The CCC men also built the road through the Abajo Mountains from Monticello to Blanding. 

Nothing remains of the camp except ruins of the camp gate, building foundations, the access road and an old Pontiac — all of which are well documented by Mary Cokenour on her blog site (below). 

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Location notes: The Monticello camp (DG-157) was located in Dry Valley off Old Highway 191 which has been renamed San Juan County Road 179 aka Wilson Arch Road. It can be accessed 23.6 miles north of Monticello, across from Steen Road; or across from Wilson Arch through a new housing development.

Coordinates: 38.221294, -109.393340

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  1. I remember going to this site with my dad in the early 1950’s. There were several foundations for buildings and a jail. My dad told me that they build a picnic spot that the town used Saturday night for fraternization and food. It was called Buckboard Flats. There was no camping at this site. After the uranium mill closed another buckboard flats was built near Dalton Springs.

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