Douglas Crossing Bridge – Granada CO


“Admire the craftsmanship and pristine condition of this WPA-era masonry bridge that features six fourteen-foot arches of locally quarried stone. The Douglas Crossing Bridge over Two Buttes Creek is one of the most substantial and handsome of Colorado’s relief-agency bridges and continues to provide an important crossing for the agricultural community. The bridge was constructed with a crew of only eight men, at a cost of $20,000. The stone was hauled by teams from a quarry located about one mile up the creek. The WPA was particularly active in Colorado’s southeastern corner, where high unemployment was endemic during the Depression.”   (

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Location Info

County Rd. 28
Granada, CO 81041

Coordinates: 37.795381, -102.255779

2 comments on “Douglas Crossing Bridge – Granada CO

  1. Brenda (Houlton) Kelley

    My grandfather was appointed as the boss when this bridge was about to be built and he wrote about it in his journal. I’m going to look in another one of his handwritten journals to see if there is more detail regarding the man hours and materials as he mentioned that he had recorded those as well. I hope to visit this bridge soon as I’ve never seen it in person.

    • Brenda,
      If you find out more about your grandfather’s work on the bridge, we’d love to have you submit a New Deal story about it.
      R. Walker