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Public Works Administration (PWA) project W1178 constructed the Chapel Building (now known as J. M. Ewing Administration Building) and the Faculty House (now used as the Girls Honor Dormitory) for Copiah-Lincoln Junior College, known locally as Co-Lin. A $36,000 grant toward total expenditures of $80,000 were approved 11/17/1936. Construction by the I. C. Garber and Son company began 2/15/1937.

Architects for the project were Hull and Drummond. Construction was completed 10/14/1937. The Faculty House was first unit in the $80,000 building program for the college. Copiah and Lincoln Counties each appropriated $22,500 toward the cost. Members of faculty began moving in on August 15 following completion. The two-story brick building housed six teachers and wives in first floor apartments, one couple in an apartment on the second floor along with eighteen rooms with connecting baths for use by single teachers. The faculty house had a kitchen and dining hall on the first floor. The new Chapel Building was constructed to serve business and administrative offices, as well as holding five large classrooms, and auditorium and balcony seating 600 and 300 respectively.

The Chapel Building was renamed James M. Ewing Administration Building in 1969, renovated in 1981, and designated a Mississippi Landmark Building in 1996. The Chapel Building was located at the college entrance and the Faculty House was located behind the Chapel Building.

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Project originally submitted by Susan Allen on June 19, 2020.

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Location Info

Copiah-Lincoln Circle (31.692719; 90.400243)
Wesson, Mississippi 39191

Location notes: Hillary Hallam Circle (31.693124; -90.399791)

Coordinates: 31.692719, -90.400243

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