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The Works Progress Administration (WPA) funded the construction of a city park in Haskell, Texas.

A story published in the Abilene Reporter-News in 1937 provides details about the project:

“WPA Builds City Park At Haskell

HASKELL, Jan. 25 — (AC)– Completion was being made today of the city park and swimming pool constructed by the Works Progress Administration.
The eight-acre park site has been grade, trees and shrubbery planted, the entire park enclosed with a native stone, hedge and wire fence. A swimming pool, bath house and amphitheater have been erected. Channel of a small stream has been opened and lined with rock and gravel walks have been laid.
Approximately $30,513 has been spent on the park, the WPA furnishing about $20,000. The WPA contract has been completed, with all remaining improvements, including plumbing, electric lighting and employment of a caretaker to made by the city. These improvements are to be made in time opening of the park this spring.
Supervising construction were W. T. Shepherd, area WPA engineer, D. Scott supervisor for the city, G. A. Tidwell, WPA foreman, and T. L. Donohoo, timekeeper.

The amphitheater has been removed to make way for a ball field. The rock bath house has been painted an awful grey color.”

Source notes

Abilene Reporter-News, Abilene, TX Jan 26, 1937: (, accessed June 2019.


Project originally submitted by Eveline Evans on June 26, 2019.

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Location Info

404 Avenue D
Haskell, TX

Coordinates: 33.161296, -99.732390

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