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This classic 1894 brick structure received some attention as part of a large number of New Deal projects being undertaken in the city of Biddeford, Maine.

As part of the $120,000.00 Federal expenditures in the town in 1935, the mayor Arthur J. Remillard reported that “A public building project was in operation throughout the year employing 10 men. Under this project many necessary repairs were made to the City Building and to several school- houses. The roof of the City Building was leaking so that rain was ruining all the inside of the building. The edge of the roof was raised two feet with two drain conductors going direct to the sewer from inside of building, water spouts being done away with. The Street Commissioner’s office, adjoining Judge Ayer’s office, was moved to the City Garage and the room remodeled for a Probate Court Room seating 50 people. The City garage was also painted inside. The Municipal Court Room, the G. A. R. Hall, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall and corridors were painted and repaired.” The cities share for both City Building and various schools was $5,307.41

In 1936, WPA Director for Biddeford, Conrad T. Fortier reported in the town report: “From the beginning of the fiscal year, December 1, 1935, to November 30, 1936, we have received Federal aid amounting to a total of $139,554.46. This was paid directly to our citizens, who were employed on various projects. Although the city must furnish all material, we were very fortunate in obtaining material amounting to $6,139.00 from the Federal Government. The following projects were in operation, or completed during the year: Comfort Stations for Ladies and Men were installed in the city Building near the South St. entrance.

Source notes

Annual Report City of Biddeford For Fiscal year Beginning January 7, 1935 and Ending November 30, 1935 Together with the Mayor's Inaugural Address.

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on October 18, 2018.

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Location Info

205 Main St.
Biddeford, ME 04005

Coordinates: 43.4934775, -70.456482

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