Cherryville School (former) – Cherryville MO

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The Cherryville, MO school project is on the east side of route 19, just north of route 49. The school and gymnasium were more recently built, with funds and labor provided by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The school is no longer in service.

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Project originally submitted by Charles Swaney on July 21, 2015.

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Rte. 19
Cherrville, MO 65446

Coordinates: 37.835715, -91.308897

6 comments on “Cherryville School (former) – Cherryville MO

  1. Any info on a woman and her family who lived in the school in the mid 90s?

  2. Danyele J Croghan

    My sister and myself use to come to this school.and play with kids who lived here, I have so many memories of running up and down the hall playing in the kitchen and so on the school was so big for us little kid how much to do and see it was an amazing place to grow up and have memories

  3. Matthew S

    My wife’s family owns this school. It is not abandoned! Taxes are paid each year for the school and property. The family that used to live there (my wife’s family) are all doing extremely well. Some owning multiple companies, pharmacists, Engineers etc.

  4. Sydney webb

    Many people are saying it was burnt and that is was lead to it being abandoned. Is this true?

  5. Mike Melroy

    Went to school there in the early 1940s, teacher was Ms Ann

  6. Mary Young

    Can anyone tell me the exact date of the fire?
    I think it was in the summer of 1988 or 1989

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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