Centennial Work Center – Medicine Bow National Forest WY


In 1939, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) enrollees constructed the Centennial Work Center in Medicine Bow National Forest near the small town of Centennial, Wyoming.

CCC workers completed three buildings for use by the U.S. Forest Service, including an office, a dwelling, and a garage. Each building is a one-story log structure with a rubble base foundation.

Work began in 1938, with crew members from the Mullen Creek CCC Camp (F-36-W) and Ryan Park Side Camp (F-22-W) cutting logs and laying the foundation for the site. Buildings were constructed by 1939,= and the landscaping was completed by CCC workers in 1940.

Originally built to replace a former Centennial Ranger Station, the buildings were ultimately used as both workstation and regional headquarters after the consolidation of surrounding ranger districts into a single Laramie Ranger District.

Today, the site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

It is also marked by a brass plaque with the following inscription: In Memory of Robert Fechner, 1933. C.C.C. 1939. By Laramie Chapter No. 21 Izaak Walton League.

Source notes

James Heid. “Centennial Work Center.” 1994. National Register of Historic Places Nomination Form. Accessed through the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office. https://wyoshpo.wyo.gov/index.php/programs/national-register/wyoming-listings/view-full-list/362-centennial-work-center.

Michael Cassity, Building Up Wyoming: Depression-Era Federal Projects in Wyoming, 1929-1943, Cheyenne, Wyoming: Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources, 2013, p. 195.

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Location Info

Medicine Bow National Forest, WY 82055

Coordinates: 41.1828, -106.925

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