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On August 19, 1933 a fire of unknown origin swept through the two-story Cass County Courthouse in Linden. A call went out to all available citizens to help fight the growing blaze. As Linden had no water system or fire truck, those who responded were asked to hand pump water from local wells and line up in bucket brigades. A call went out for assistance to Texarkana, Jefferson and Atlanta, cities with tanker trucks and more sophisticated firefighting expertise. By the time help arrived and the fire was put out, most of the second floor was gutted.

During 1934, thanks to the facilitation of Texas’s 1st congressional district representative Wright Patman, a Public Works Administration (PWA) grant/loan package for $38,000 was expeditiously secured for post-fire repairs to the damaged courthouse, including the addition of a third floor. Other alterations to the building occurred over the years. In 2012, under the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program, the courthouse was restored to its 1934 appearance.

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Project originally submitted by Larry Moore on March 9, 2016.

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100 E Houston St
Linden, TX 75563

Location notes: Downtown Linden, Texas

Coordinates: 33.0115847, -94.3651214

3 comments on “Cass County Courthouse Repairs – Linden TX

  1. Delores Burrow McCright

    Are there any pictures of the men reconstructing the courthouse or putting out the fire? My Dad and his brothers helped with CCC projects.

    • Gabriel Milner

      We don’t have any such photos–but perhaps the courthouse has some in its archives? Or is there anyone else out there who can help out?

  2. Renea Click

    Are there any photos of 1939 Firehouse built in Linden, Texas? Preferably before 1962. Maybe blueprints that survived?

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