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The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) made improvements to three of the existing campgrounds in Rocky Mountain National Park: Endovalley, Aspenglen and Glacier Basin.  These three were the most popular campgrounds at the time and their facilities were antiquated, so CCC stepped in to upgrade them (later, they would add  a new campground at Timber Creek on the west side of the park).  (Brock, p 40)

The campgrounds were all renovated according to National Park Service standards embodied in the writings of  E.P. Meinecke – Camp Ground Policy (1932) and Camp Planning and Camp Reconstruction (1934). 

In 1933-34 CCC enrollees deployed logs and boulders to mark off parking areas, camping spaces, and other important spaces in the campgrounds. In 1936-37, they constructed brick fireplaces and picnic tables; as one CCC veteran Dean McMurphy remembered, “We built hundreds of them – and we built them darn good.” (Brock, p. 41).

In later years, CCC enrollees added comfort stations and water supplies to these, and possibly other, campgrounds (Brock, p. 41). 

[The entrance station and comfort stations at Aspenglen Campground, shown here, could be CCC work, but we do not have verification]


Source notes

Julia Brock, A History of the CCC in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Report to the Rocky Mountain Nature Association and Rocky Mountain National Park, 2005.


Project originally submitted by Richard Walker on August 14, 2022.

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Location Info

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO 80517

Location notes: pindrop at Aspenglen Campground

Coordinates: 40.399866 , -105.59342

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