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Bunker Tower is an observation tower on the peak of Cheaha Mountain in Cheaha State Park located in Cleburne County, Alabama, U.S.A. The tower is located at the peak of Cheaha Mountain, the highest point in Alabama.[1] The tower is a large stone building completed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps.[2] It originally had park offices and a gift shop in the wings on either side of the observation tower.

The tower is immediately adjacent to the very tall Alabama Public Television WCIQ transmitter tower which aids it being a central meeting place that can be easily found despite the trees and foliage at the top of Mount Cheaha. It was added to the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage on December 15, 1989.”

“The highest point is marked with a USGS marker (photo below) in front of Bunker Tower, a stone Civilian Conservation Corps building with an observation deck on top. The CCC also constructed a road to Cheaha, but the road has been closed for years. The old road is locally referred to as the “CC Road” and contains interesting, inaccessible ruins.”

The CCC built a road, excavated for a lake with campground, developed hiking & horse trails, constructed 11 rustic cabins, a comfort station, a bathhouse, built the Cheaha Lodge & Bunker Tower, and conducted landscaping. The white CCC Company 468 SP-2 worked on the park until 1936; thereafter work was continued by Company 2420C SP-7, which was comprised of African American veterans of World War I.

Source notes

Our Mark on this Land: A Guide to the Legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps in America’s Parks by Ren & Helen Davis (McDonald & Woodward Publishing, Granville, OH, 2011)

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Location Info

Bunker Tower
Delta, AL 36258

Coordinates: 33.485556, -85.809167

4 comments on “Bunker Tower, Cheaha State Park – Delta AL

  1. bpasquill

    You took the history off of the park’s website which is not correct. Company 468 worked at Cheaha State Park from June 1933 to October 1937. Company 465 was a junior African-American company. They worked at the park from November 1934 to October 1935. The WWI veterans, were white, Company 2420, arriving at the park in June 1939 and working until early 1942.

    • Gabriel Milner

      Thank you for clarifying this important history! We would be happy to make the edits if you can provide us with a source for this information.

  2. What is the height of Bunker Tower? Is this confidential information? Can’t find it anywhere.

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