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Bridgton Academy is an all-male college preparatory in Bridgton, Maine. Founded in 1808, the school sits at the northern tip of Long Lake in North Bridgton, Maine. The school has been NEASC accredited since 1934, making it one of the oldest accredited schools in the country.

In 1933, the Civil Works Administration was involved in “repairs and redecorating at the Academy buildings.” according to the town selectmen in the annual report. In the 1934 report it was noted that “Some of the projects at Bridgton Academy are completed while others are in the air and the probability is that a continuance will be asked.” The Bridgton News reported March 2nd that “There are several weeks more on the Bridgton Academy projects which have been sent in for final approval.”

During 1938, “July 30 A resolution authorizing the Town of Bridgton, Maine, to file an application to the USA through the Federal Emergency Administration for a grant to aid in financing the construction of a gymnasium and designating Bertram D. Scott, North Bridgton, to furnish such information as the Government may request.
Be it resolved by the Board of Selectmen: Section 1. That Bertram D. Scott, Selectman, be and he is authorized to execute and file an application on behalf of the Town of Bridgton, to the United States of America for a grant to aid in financing the construction of gymnasium for Bridgton Academy.”

“Oct. 14 Special Election Art. 2 To see if the town will accept the offer of the United States of America to aid by way of grant of $22,500.00 in financing the construction of a gymnasium to be located on the southerly side of the road leading over Chadbourne’s Hill in that part of said Bridgton known as North Bridgton, a copy of which offer reads as follows: “1. Subject to the Terms and Conditions (WPA Form No. 230, as amended to the date of this Offer), which are made a part hereof, the United States of America hereby offers to aid in financing the construction of a gymnasium building, including necessary equipment and the improvement of necessary land (herein called the “Project”), by making a grant to the Town of Bridgton, Cumberland, County, Maine (herein called the “Applicant”), in the amount of 45 per cent of the cost of the Project upon completion, as determined by the Federal Emergency Administrator of Public Works (herein called the “Administrator”), but not to exceed, in any event, the sum of $22,500.00.”

The August 11, 1939 issue of the Bridgton News features an architects illustration of the projected gymnasium. While asking local staff for help locating the gym, I luckily found that the admissions building featured a framed old brochure poster of the campus which featured outside and inside photographs of the building. With help from the staff, a senior member of the facility was reached and according to him, the old gym used to be located behind the admissions building and was destroyed in a fire in the 1950’s.

Source notes

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Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on December 24, 2020.

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Bridgton Academy
Bridgton , ME

Coordinates: 44.099511500000006, -70.7007525

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