Bootjack CCC Camp Co. 1925 – Mariposa CA


This camp operated out of the location of an abandoned hotel in the former mining town of Bootjack in the Mother Lode area of California. According to various articles written for the local newspaper by the camp members, tasks performed were road construction, water infrastructure, and fire fighting. In late 1936, the camp was transfered to Tehachapi. I haven’t had the means of determining yet if they returned to the location, since that was hinted at in the newspaper articles by officials of the New Deal.

Source notes

The Mariposa Gazette.

Photographs provided by Mariposa Museum and History Center Inc.

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on August 11, 2018.

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Location Info

5039 Cole Rd,
Mariposa, CA 95338

Coordinates: 37.4652453, -119.8875314

2 comments on “Bootjack CCC Camp Co. 1925 – Mariposa CA

  1. About 2 years ago I searched this site for WPA projects in Mariposa County and found a listing for Triangle Road. I hope you can find it and place it among these other projects. I just listened to Doug Henwood’s radio program Behind the News, and Richard A Walker was the guest. Nice interview. About Triangle Road — This road is about 8 miles long, an important artery in the county, it connects Hiway 140 with Hiway 49 South. This eliminates visiting the town of Mariposa which is about 1200 feet below Triangle Road. So if exiting Yosemite Park on 140, and going to Oakhurst, then one does not have to drive down to Mariposa and then up to Hiway 49 South to Oakhurst. Mostly it opened up that mountainous area to better transportation and development.

  2. Andrew Laverdiere

    Hello Ben. Thank you for your interest. I’m slowly going through the Mariposa Gazette microfiche archive at the Mariposa library and have at least determined that the New Deal surveyed the Triangle Road. However, I’ve only got up to 1936 so far since I work a full time job and can get out there occasionally. The Gazette was a very strong advocate of officials using New Deal programs to help the county and urged citizens to demand the CCC be sent back in order to continue unfinished work, including the Triangle Road. If you can help search the archives, that would be most appreciated!

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