Booker T Washington School Auditorium and Gym (demolished) – El Reno OK

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The original school was built in 1912, and then in 1937, the WPA built an auditorium and gym.

According to a 1987 survey, “Gym was added to original school, which no longer exists. Newer school buildings added in 1940s changed position of school on lot. Brick shows signs of paint.”

Contributor note: “Booker T. Washington, located at 502 N. Admire, was a high school, constructed by the WPA. It was a black high school in a time before integration, and was closed in 1968.

“This is a two-story red brick building, with the first floor partially below ground level. The main entrance which faces west has seven steps leading to a porch which is under a flat wood porch roof, supported by metal beams. The stairway has brick sidewalls and leads to double wood doors with fixed transoms. There is a very slight parapet above the entrance. The upper wall has two rows of standing brick for ornamentation.

“Ribbon windows are set in groups of three and six, with each window panel having five panes; the bottom pane opens. On the second floor, the top two panes have been covered. The gymnasium at the southeast corner of the school has a gabled roof. A bronze WPA shield is mounted on the west elevation. The building is currently vacant.”

Source notes

Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory: (, accessed November 24, 2018.

Field Survey, City Hall, Fred Webb-105 E. Hickory, Cushing, Ok (225-1434), WPA Survey, III, 1987.

Project originally submitted by hamquilter on September 8, 2015.

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Location Info

502 N. Admire St.
El Reno, OK

Coordinates: 35.536844, -97.957149

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