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Biddeford Municipal Airport is a public use airport in York County, Maine, United States. It is owned by the City of Biddeford and is located two nautical miles (3.70 km) south of the central business district. It has one runway designated 06/24 with an asphalt surface measuring 3,000 by 75 feet (914 x 23 m).

The airport was originally developed under a New Deal project by the Maine Emergency Relief Administration, the state division of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration in a state wide survey of airports by Capt. Harry M. Jones in January 1934. The airport was built with 1 SW – NE 2000×100 gravel runway to be opened by July 1 1935.

Mayor Arthur J. Remillards report on the state of the city “Our largest project, the Airport project, was a great benefit, as it cost the City very little for materials, and employed an average of 115 men. This project will continue for many more months, and be of lasting value to the City, as it will bring it in line with any modern city in the State.” Federal contribution toward this project was $4,265.96
WPA Director for Biddeford Conrad T. Fortier
“The Airport Project is still in operation, making a third runway 3,000 feet long.”
“From March 19 to March 25, 1936, during the flood, all the men from the Airport Project were called upon to aid in removing tenants from the Springs Island area, the City Homestead and the neighboring houses. 10 trucks from the Airport Project were also used and six row-boats were borrowed for the purpose.”

Airport  Local $3,645.64 Federal $40,139.23

At some point, the 2nd and 3rd runways were abandoned.
“The following is a list of Projects that were in operation December 1, 1936, or have begun since that date: THE AIRPORT PROJECT was in operation December 1, 1936, the beginning of our fiscal year. A third runway, 3,000 feet long, was being worked, on. This Project was closed July 15, 1937, and the men were transferred to Saco on a Sewer Project.”
Federal funds for payroll Airport …………………………………………..   $15,380.38

Source notes

Reviewing the ERA in Maine by Hildreth Hawes.

Journa Tribune (, accessed October 12, 2018.

City of Biddeford:



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Location Info

88 Landry St.
Biddeford, ME 04405

Coordinates: 43.464702, -70.476649

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