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The Federal Art Project (FAP) funded several art works currently located at the Beaumont Library in Beaumont, Calif. The pieces include a mural, a watercolor, and a sculpture created by WPA artists.

1. Watercolor by John Warren. Labeled as FAP on the frame.

2. Mural by artist Henri de Kruil. The artwork is composed of two pieces depicting the view from Beaumont looking north toward the mountains. The bigger part of the mural is on the north wall of the second story of the library. The smaller piece is on the east wall of the library. They almost meet together in a corner. Gene Sasse the photographer stitched them together so the viewer can see the whole mural as one piece. The bigger piece is probably 6 feet long and 4 or 5 feet tall. The smaller piece is the same height but probably only 4 feet long.

3 & 4. Statue at Beaumont Library. Unknown artist. The statue is labeled on the bottom as “FAP, NRA.” NRA may be the initials of the artist.

5. Beaumont Library Bas Relief. Not labelled as an FAP piece. It was likely part of the building when it was built in the early 20th century.

The photographs of the artworks were created and processed by photographer Gene Sasse, and made available to the Living New Deal by Gene Sasse and Hal Baker, curator of artist Milford Zornes’ artwork and writings. Luren Dickinson, the Director of the Beaumont Library, granted access and permission to photograph the art. John Meanor from Banning found the Beaumont murals, as well another mural in Banning.

Source notes

Federal Art Project markers on artwork

Project originally submitted by Gene Sasse, Hal Baker, and John Meanor on May 7, 2019.

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Location Info

125 E 8th St.
Beaumont, CA

Coordinates: 33.932016, -116.981249

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