Alamogordo Women’s Club Building – Alamogordo NM


“While a variety of public works programs emerged under the umbrella of the New Deal, the WPA with its specific goal of providing work relief for the locally unemployed exerted the greatest impact on small communities in New Mexico (Kammer 1994:48-67). Not only did it create local jobs, it resulted in much-needed public works that contributed to the quality of life in these communities. Administered at the state level and dependent upon local sponsoring authorities who often supplied the land and building materials as their share of the project’s cost while the federal government supplied the funds to pay workers, the WPA projects carried out throughout New Mexico greatly transformed the built public environment. Schools, municipal buildings, parks, courthouses, airports, and hospitals appeared throughout the state as the result of WPA funding. So, too, did, several public buildings connected with the efforts of the NMFWC [New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs]. In Alamogordo, Carrizozo, and Fort Sumner, clubhouses funded as WPA projects and designed to serve the communities at large appeared.”

-David Kammer

Source notes

Kammer, David. National Register of Historic Places Multiple Property Documentation Form: New Mexico Federation of Women's Club buildings in New Mexico. May 2003. Pg. 11.

Flynn, Kathryn A., editor. Treasures on New Mexico Trails: discovery of New Deal art and architecture. New Mexico State Historic Preservation Division, 1995. Pg. 19.

"New Deal Sites in New Mexico," Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps, New Mexico Humanities Council.

New Mexico Chapter of the National New Deal Preservation Association

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Location Info

East 12th Street and Indiana Avenue
Alamogordo, NM 88310

Location notes:

Coordinates: 32.901843, -105.956446

4 comments on “Alamogordo Women’s Club Building – Alamogordo NM

  1. Crystal Rojas

    I was wondering how much you charge to rent out your facility and if it would ba available 12/31/16. Thank you

    • Gabriel Milner

      For this information, you’ll need to contact the club directly: (575) 434-1304.

  2. Rachael Phillips

    Hello I’m interest in renting the faculty for a wedding reception October 14th. I called the (575) 434-1304 but it has been changed. Could I get more info? Thank you

    • Gabriel Milner

      Unfortunately, we don’t have this information. We only have info about the site’s history.

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