Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park: Campground and Picnic Area – Orick CA

Stone stove at picnic area, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park - Orick CA

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) made the first improvements to the newly-acquired Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.  Company 1903 worked out of a CCC camp established at the north end of the ‘prairie’ at the present park entrance in 1933. … read more

Rancho Cienega Playground – Los Angeles CA

A 1938 report from the Los Angeles Department of Playground and Recreation describes the WPA’s role in creating the Rancho Cienega recreation area: “Forerunner of the great regional recreation centers of the future, the Rancho Cienega Playground was the outstanding… read more

Rock Creek Park: Improvements – Washington DC

Footbridge over Rock Creek, Rock Creek Park - Washington DC

The New Deal contributed substantially to the betterment of Rock Creek Park in the 1930s.  This involved a number of federal agencies. Rock Creek Park is a key greenway in the District of Columbia and, at 1750 acres, is almost… read more

Rohner Park Improvements – Fortuna CA

Entrance sign, Rohner Park - Fortuna CA

In 1940, the Works Progress Administration (WPA), in concert with the city, developed the Municipal Park of Fortuna – now known as Rohner Park.  By 1940, the WPA was part of the reorganized Federal Works Agency (later to become the… read more

Sabino Canyon Recreation Area: Picnic, Camping & Other Facilities – Tucson AZ

Saguaro along trail in Sabina Canyon Recreation Area - Tucson AZ

Sabino Canyon Recreation Area is in Coronado National Forest at the northeast corner of Tucson AZ.  At the behest of the city of Tucson and Pima County, it was developed out of former mining and grazing land in the Santa Catalina… read more

Saguaro National Park: Improvements – Tucson AZ

The city of Tucson is flanked by two halves of the Saguaro National Park, which protects extensive areas of Sonoran Desert landscapes and the biodiverse communities of the Tucson Mountains and Rincon Mountains – two of the many “sky islands”… read more

Scenic State Park – Bigfork MN

“Scenic State Park CCC/Rustic Style historic resources are located in two historic districts that include a public use area and service yard. The park contains ten contributing buildings and structures built among stands of virgin Norway and white pine on… read more

Scotts Bluff National Monument – NE

Multiple New Deal organizations, particularly the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), worked to develop Scotts Bluff National Monument during the 1930s. From the National Park Service: For a short time, construction efforts came under the guidance of an agency known as… read more

Shenandoah National Park – Shenandoah National Park VA

“Between May 11, 1933 and March 31, 1942, ten CCC camps were established within, or on leased land adjacent to, Shenandoah. At any one time, more than 1,000 boys and young men lived in camps supervised by the Army and… read more

Shenandoah National Park: Big Meadows Campground – Shenandoah National Park VA

One of the first CCC camps in the park, (Camp N.P.-2), was established at Big Meadows. Some of the CCC camp structures remain. The CCC also created many of the structures that make up today’s Big Meadows Campground. CCC works remaining… read more

Shenandoah National Park: Lewis Mountain Campground – Shenandoah National Park VA

“Located south along the drive from Big Meadows, Lewis Mountain Development Area sits on a plateau approximately 3,400 feet above sea level east of Lewis Mountain and consists of a picnic grounds, lodge and eight cabins (having 15 overnight units),… read more

Sinking Creek Fire Lookout Tower Complex – Briar MO

The fire lookout tower and associated outbuildings at Sinking Creek were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in 1934, probably under the supervision of the US Forest Service (USFS). The complex includes various buildings including a house, garage, and… read more

South Gate Entrance Station – Yosemite National Park CA

Ranger residence at South Entrance - Yosemite National Park CA

In 1934, the Public Works Administration (PWA) funded the creation of the South Gate Entrance Station to Yosemite National Park.  This followed enlargement of the park by the addition of the area from Wawona south and was done as part… read more

Stone Park – Ashland MA

Multiple New Deal agencies worked to develop Ashland, Massachusetts’s Stone Park. The Civil Works Administration (C.W.A.) constructed toilet facilities and bleachers in 1934. The Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) continued work in 1935. Federally funded labor also improved the park’s drainage… read more

Sunset Park Facilities – Salina KS

The Works Progress Administration’s National Youth Administration (WPA/NYA) hired youths to construct the stone shop building and 2 restrooms in Sunset Park in Salina Kansas. During the 1950s, the shop building doubled as a voting station. The shop building bears… read more

Swimming Pool – Rotan TX

The 285,000 gallon concrete pool was started August 25, 1936 and completed a year later. It was officially dedicated in 1938. Total cost of construction for the pool, walkways, rock house for living quarters for the caretakers, showers, concession room,… read more