Treasure Island Seawall, Landscaping, and Fill – San Francisco CA

Funds for a seawall and fill for the exposition site were provided through a $3,043,000 WPA grant. Another WPA grant of $1,296,000 provided for roadways, a causeway, trestles, landscaping, and drainage of water systems. A PWA grant of $1,711,000, matched… read more

Watauga County Office Annex – Boone NC

Watauga County Office Building / Annex

The Watauga County Courthouse complex in Boone, North Carolina “includes a Works Projects Administration funded building as part of its annex.” The striking stone building “was completed in 1939 and housed the Watauga County Library from 1946 through 1997.” The… read more

Water and Sewer Authority Carpentry Shop – Washington DC

Garage/shop group at the foot of First Street, Water and Sewer Authority site - Washington DC

Works Progress Administration (WPA) records in the National Archives report that in 1937 WPA labor was used to “erect a brick building in the city to be used as a combination carpentry and blacksmith shop by the Sewer Department.” The… read more