LND’s NYC Chapter Launches “A New Deal for New York City”

At a time when the Green New Deal is galvanizing public attention, The Living New Deal’s New York Chapter has made it its mission to familiarize fellow New Yorkers with the original New Deal: what it achieved, how it transformed the city and the country, and what today’s policy-makers can learn from its example. On Tuesday, May 7, at the Center for Architecture, the LND NYC Chapter is hosting an event titled “A New Deal for New York City: Looking Back, Looking Forward,” featuring Kevin Baker as keynote speaker and a panel of commentators that will include: Gray Brechin, Marta Gutman, professor at the Spitzer School of Architecture at the City College of New York, Steven Atewell, who teaches public policy at CUNY’s School for Labor and Urban Studies, and Phoebe Roosevelt, FDR’s great granddaughter. See event details here.

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