Jon Stewart on Romney, FDR and “Fiscal Responsibility”

If you have a spare 10 minutes, Jon Stewart’s Oct. 9 dissection of the Romney-Ryan fiscal plan offers some food for thought. You can read more about it and watch the three-segment video here. In the third segment, you’ll get a glimpse of a campaign speech from what Stewart jokingly calls “a simpler time,” in which a campaigning Franklin Delano Roosevelt mocks some claims that have a lot in common with the Romney-Ryan proposal. Let us know what you think.

Rachel Brahinsky is the Living New Deal's managing director and postdoctoral fellow.

One comment on “Jon Stewart on Romney, FDR and “Fiscal Responsibility”

  1. Rachel Brahinsky

    The FDR video that Jon Stewart played has been bouncing around the web. Here’s David Remnick’s take, from the New Yorker blog…

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