October 11 Webinar: “The Federal Theatre: Revisiting the Dream”


Living New Deal Webinars
Tuesday, October 11, 2022, 5pm-6pm PDT (8pm EDT)
“The Federal Theatre: Revisiting the Dream”
with Susan Quinn and Dan Jacobs
The Federal Theater Project put starving unemployed actors, directors, set designers, stagehands and writers back to work. Susan Quinn and Dan Jacobs retell the story in their play called Enter Hallie, which intertwines Federal Theater Director Hallie Flanagan’s private struggles with her public quest to create innovative theater for hundreds of thousands. Susan and Dan will mix readings from the play with a discussion of Federal Theater history, as told in Quinn’s book, Furious ImprovisationFreeREGISTER

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Date: Fri. Nov 11th, 2022

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