“Here’s the Deal,” Joe Biden—We Need a Big Jobs Program Now

In his first Inaugural Address in 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt confronted the Great Depression with a promise of “action and action now.” Fast forward 88 years. In the face of a worsening pandemic and a sliding economy, Biden made the… read more

Three Myths About Unemployment

The New Deal Disproved and Biden Must Reject David Riemer and June Hopkins Originally published on The Hill.  https://thehill.com/opinion/finance/531978-three-myths-about-unemployment As a new administration prepares to grapple with the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, three myths about unemployment continue to muddle the… read more

Donald Trump, the Anti-FDR

By June Hopkins and Stephen Seufert – 12/25/20 Originally published on The Hill https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/531042-donald-trump-the-anti-fdr In April 1932 Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt was running for president when the nation was in the depths of a devastating economic depression. He famously stated, “These… read more