New Deal-Built Gym in Pine Village, IN to be Demolished in March 2023

WPA-built Elementary school gymnasium, formerly a high school gymnasium, will be demolished in March 2023. Despite the installation of a new roof, the concrete walls structure have deteriorated to such extent that the structure cannot be saved. Indiana-based Living New Deal associates, Glory-June Greiff and Doug Logan, have documented the structure in an effort to preserve its memory before it disappears.

In an On the Road essay titled, “Pine Village Gym: ‘Progress’ Goes Before a Fall,” Glory-June Greiff travels to Pine Village to photograph the structure and record the story of the gym.

Doug Logan has posted a project page on Pine Village, and shared with us his photos of the structure, as well as several articles that announce the impending demolition.

Glory-June Greiff
Photo by Doug Logan
Photo by Doug Logan

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