A Greenbelt Town Fights for Press Freedom

In 1937, Theodora and John Murray were among 850 families selected to reside in an experimental city built and owned by the federal government. About a half-hour’s drive from Washington, DC., Greenbelt, Maryland is one of three planned residential communities… read more

The New Deal Turns 90

  The New Deal Turns 90 The nation was spiraling into the worst economic crisis in its history when presidential candidate Franklin Roosevelt pledged “a new deal for the American people.” Upon taking office in 1933, FDR launched an all-out… read more

The Eye of the Beholder

  The Eye of the Beholder The Federal Art Project (FAP), (1935-1943), provided jobs to 10,000 struggling artists. They created thousands of artworks, including roughly 2,500 murals that adorn many public buildings—city halls, schools, post offices—to this day. The FAP… read more