America’s Voices

America’s Voices Within the Resettlement Administration, the New Deal agency charged with relocating struggling families, a little known Music Unit deployed field workers to government-planned communities around the country to boost residents’ morale and solidarity through folk music. Using the… read more

The New Deal’s Forgotten Song Book

The Resettlement Administration (RA) was a sprawling New Deal agency created in 1935 to oversee a disparate set of government initiatives, most of which focused on providing help in rural areas. This included an experimental program to build new homestead… read more

Advocating for New Deal Art

New Deal art programs ushered in a watershed decade for American art. From 1933 to 1943, federal art programs hired tens of thousands of unemployed artists, producing over 200,000 artworks, and temporarily making the federal government the single largest patron… read more

Quilts Embody the New Deal, Practically and Symbolically

During the Great Depression, quiltmaking was a popular activity among Americans. Every smalltown and big city newspaper published a quilt pattern column; over 25,000 Americans entered quilts in the massive Sears Century of Progress quilt contest in hopes of winning… read more