The Biggest WPA Art Project That Never Happened

Of all the controversies that New Deal art had provoked in San Francisco, such as the Coit Tower and Rincon Annex murals, few equaled that which swirled around what would have been the largest WPA sculpture in the country. But… read more

Fear Itself

  FEAR ITSELF On March 4, 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was sworn in as the 32nd president of the United States. He had won in a landslide over the Republican incumbent Herbert Hoover. Millions tuned in to hear a live… read more

Today’s Conservative Movement Has Roots in the Capitalist Backlash Against the New Deal, An Interview with historian Kim Phillips-Fein

By Daniel, December 16, 2023 During the New Deal, right-wing business people were furious that their authority was being challenged in the workplace and in society. So they started organizing. And that’s the origin story of the modern conservative movement…. read more

A Greenbelt Town Fights for Press Freedom

In 1937, Theodora and John Murray were among 850 families selected to reside in an experimental city built and owned by the federal government. About a half-hour’s drive from Washington, DC., Greenbelt, Maryland is one of three planned residential communities… read more