Cradle of the Father of Waters

(10:11) b/w sound
Shows Minnesota lakes at the head waters of the Mississippi River. CCC men work in Itasca Lake State Park and in Scenic State Park. Pageants re-create the days of the Indians and backwoodsmen with log cabins, covered wagons, stockades, and Indian wigwams. Includes views of Indians on a reservation, picnickers in a park, and a CCC camp.

Sequoia National Park

(10:17) b/w silent
Tourists arrive at Sequoia National Park by car and motorcycle. Shows closeups of a waterfall, an overhanging rock, and a bear. Tourists examine a huge Sequoia tree. Civilian Conservation Corps men work on the roads and eat at an outdoor field kitchen.

Telephone Line Construction

(9:44) b/w, sound
Telephone lines are constructed between fire lookout stations in the national forests of the United States. Poles are creosoted, placed in position, and bolstered with guide wires. Wire is reeled out on the ground along the right-of-way and then raised on the poles by linemen. Includes shots of various methods of attaching the line to poles and to trees, of installing insulators, and of splicing wire.

Mustard Sowing for Erosion Control

(10:32) b/w, silent
Forest fires ravage wooded slopes in Southern California. Water (melting snow and rain) rushes down the slopes, unchecked by plant life, washing away top soil and flooding fields in the valleys. CCC units sow mustard seed in the denuded areas by hand and by airplane. The mustard plants grow quickly, thus furnishing adequate vegetation to check erosion until the native plants can reestablish themselves.

Safety on the Job

(17:37) b/w, sound
Shows examples of careless mistakes which lead to injury made by a Civilian Conservation Corps unit at work clearing a forest trail. Emphasizes the need for careful handling of dynamite, hand tools (spades, axes, etc.), and equipment (bulldozers, trucks, and tractors).

Safety in Woods Work

(14:42) b/w, sound
Contrasts proper and improper methods of felling trees and carrying hand tools (axes, spades, picks, etc.). Snag (deformed and diseased trees) is felled to illustrate safety principles. Brush is cleared from the area around the snag, a notch is axed in a tree to control the direction of fall, the tree is partially sawed, a wedge is driven into the cut, and the tree is then sawed through.

The Technique of Fresco Painting

(24:58) b/w, silent
In this film, students at Evander Childs High School, New York City, help artist James Michael Newell paint a mural depicting the history of western civilization. On reel 1, the materials (slaked lime, marble dust, and pigments) are prepared, and preliminary and full-size drawings and perforated tracings are made. Then the design is pounded through the perforations onto a recently plastered wall. On reel 2, the design lines are in...

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Winter Sun and Summer Sea

(20:36) b/w, sound
Reel 1, scenes of palm trees, surf on a beach at St. Augustine, an old schoolhouse, old homes in St. Augustine, and old men playing checkers depict Florida’s history, social atmosphere, and climate. Shows the Royal Palms State Park, Florida Botanical Garden and Arboretum, Highlands Hammock, Rex Beach Forest, and bridges and streams. CCC men work in a park. Reel 2 shows CCC men turning out for a day’s work, playing volley ball ...

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Youth Also Serves

(24:27) color, silent
On the work of boys and girls in NYA centers in Rhode Island and Connecticut after the hurricane of September 1938. Reel 1, youths perform their normal work at the Kingston and Providence (R.I.) Centers and at the New Haven (Conn.) Center. Shows hurricane damage at New London and Norwich (Conn.) and at Providence. Personages: A. W. Williams, Gov. R. E. Quinn. Reel 2 shows damage at Norwich, Hartford, and New London, Conn, and at West Warwick, ...

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