Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway Completion – Washington DC

The planning and construction of the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway largely predates the New Deal, but it was only completed in 1933-36 with help from the National Park Service (NPS), Civil Works Administration (CWA), Public Works Administration (PWA), Works… read more

Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway: Shoreham Hill Bridge – Washington DC

The Shoreham Hill bridge was constructed in 1938 as part of the completion of the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway project of the 1930s.  It lies just south of the large Connecticut and Massachusetts Avenue bridges.  It is the third… read more

Rock Creek Park: Improvements – Washington DC

Footbridge over Rock Creek, Rock Creek Park - Washington DC

The New Deal contributed substantially to the betterment of Rock Creek Park in the 1930s.  This involved a number of federal agencies. Rock Creek Park is a key greenway in the District of Columbia and, at 1750 acres, is almost… read more

Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Randolph Streets NE Sewers – Washington DC

In 1940, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) installed sewers at 17th, 18th, and Randolph streets in the district’s northeast quadrant. This work was part of a massive New Deal era program for Washington of sewer construction, separation of sanitary and storm… read more

Sherwood Playground Improvements – Washington DC

The Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) and the Works Progress Administration (WPA) funded improvements at the Sherwood Playground in Washington DC. The work consisted of the following improvements: FERA, 1934-1935, “Wrecked two houses; remodeled garage into shelter house (50 percent… read more

Smithsonian Institution Museum: Collection Maintenance – Washington DC

In 1936, Work: A Journal of Progress reported that several dozen Works Progress Administration (WPA) workers were assigned the role of assisting archaeologists, anthropologists, biologists, and other scientists in sorting the backlog of contributions to the Smithsonian Institution museum and… read more