• Outhouse at Robertson Farm - Ferndale WA
    In 1937, the Works Progress Administration came out and installed an outhouse at the farm where I now live. Apparently the farmhands were just going in the fields. To make it more sanitary, the WPA put in a beautiful little building, complete with two toilets, side-by-side, with wooden seats, covers that closed, and a concrete urinal. It's in remarkably good shape for being almost 80 years old. It even had electricity and a light so you could go at night!
  • Whatcom County Road Improvements - Ferndale WA
    "The road improvement project in Whatcom County calls for an investment of $9,955 by the WPA, $7,963 by the Whatcom County Commissioners and will put the roads in the vicinity of Ferndale in the best of condition. Fifteen WPA workers are slated to start clearing, grubbing, grading and surfacing the road the day following Armistice Day anQd will complete the pork in about two months."