• Danville High School - Danville VT
    The Public Works Administration funded the construction of the Danville High School in Danville, Caledonia County. The two-story school was built in 1938 and housed grammar and high school grades. The architect of record was Galen H. Nichols. The building replaced a structure built in 1840, and reproduced some architectural elements from the old structure, such as the columns that mark the entrance. Docket No. Vt. 1075-DS.
  • School Repairs - Danville VT
    The Civil Works Administration (C.W.A.) provided funds and labor to conduct repair and improvement work to multiple schools in Danville, Vermont. "Work has been done on the Stanton, Harvey, North Danville, West Danville, Hill and Village Schools. All labor was paid for by the United States Government and one-third of the cost of materials was paid by the State Government. ... It seemed to be too good an investment to be wasted; repairs and improvements have been made which would have cost many times the same amount later."