• Barrier Canyon Mural - Price UT
    A portion of Lynn Fausett's  Barrier Canyon mural hangs in the Prehistoric Museum at Utah State University Eastern. It is part of an enormous, 82-foot canvas painting done by Fausett in 1940 under the auspices of the Works Projects Administration (WPA) Arts Project (WPAAP). The segment of the mural on display in the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum is the smaller of two (12 x 22 ft.) and depicts approximately the left hand one-fourth of the Great Gallery. The larger section of the mural hangs in the Museum of Natural History at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.    The mural...
  • Fausett Mural Cycle - Price UT
    The Price UT Municipal Building contains an exceptional cycle of New Deal murals in the foyer of the public auditorium. The murals are four feet high and circle around the upper wall for about 200 feet  (800 square feet of painting).   Lynn Fausett, a well-known Utah artist and native of Price, was commissioned by the Works Progress Administration's Federal Arts Project (FAP) to paint the murals, starting in 1938. It took him three years to complete the work. Fausett painted other New Deal murals around Utah, including those in the State Capitol. The murals depict the history and industry of Carbon...
  • Gordon Creek Bridge - Price UT
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a bridge across Gordon Creek outside Price, Utah. The exact location is unknown to Living New Deal, though we do believe the structure has since been replaced.
  • Hangar - Price UT
    The Works Progress Administration constructed a hangar at the Carbon County Airport in Price, Utah. The quonset hut hangar (photograph above) appears to be the hangar in question: quonset hut style buildings were common at airports in the 1930s and 40s, and little has changed at this small airport. We have been unable to confirm either the accuracy of this information or the date of construction. 
  • Mead's Wash Bridge - Price UT
    The Works Progress Administration constructed a bridge across Mead's Wash in Price, Utah. The structure has almost certainly been replaced.
  • Municipal Building (City Hall & Auditorium) - Price UT
    The Public Works Administration (PWA) funded half the cost of the handsome Municipal Building in Price UT, constructed in 1938-39.  The building includes city offices, a large auditorium and an enormous mural cycle by native son Lynn Fausett in the foyer of the auditorium.   The design is minimalist Neoclassical Moderne clad in desert-buff brick. The city offices have been completely altered, but the foyer with its murals  and the auditorium with its wooden seats with streamline sidebars (photos below) are both still intact.  The cornerstone attributes the building to the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works (the formal name for the PWA). The...
  • Utah State University Eastern: Administration Building (demolished) - Price UT
    The PWA built the three original buildings of Carbon Junior College, now Utah State University Eastern, from 1937-38. In 2015, the last of these original buildings was demolished. From "A Look Back at the Old SAC": "Carbon College, created as a four-year junior college, would house four grades: junior and senior years of high school and freshman and sophomore years of college. This arrangement constituted a new educational concept drafted for junior colleges in the United States. The 27-room, main classroom building included academic studies, agricultural, business and cosmetology. 'Cosmetology, the latter course to be somewhat of an innovation in the Utah...