• East Layton Water System - Layton UT
    The former municipality of East Layton, Utah was founded with the express purpose of obtaining federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) funds for a water system construction project. East Layton has since merged with Layton. "The local water supply was unreliable, a common problem in Utah's desert climate. Wells and streams often ran dry in late summer, and water would have to be hauled to homes by hand. Lifelong resident David Green envisioned a municipal water system supplied from Crooked Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains to the east. By the 1930s many of Green's neighbors were interested, but Utah's banks were lending...
  • Town Hall (former) - Layton UT
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a then-town hall for Layton, Utah during the Great Depression. The exact location and status of the building is presently unknown to Living New Deal.