• Huckabay High School - Huckabay TX
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built the main part of the Huckabay High School. The two story, stone masonry construction building was built between 1938-1940. A plaque set on the front facade notes the construction dates and the involvement of the WPA.
  • Library (former Post Office) - Stephenville TX
    The historic Stephenville Public Library building was originally constructed as the city's post office. The building, which was funded by the Treasury Department, was built in 1935. The architects of record were Mark Lemmon and Louis A Simon.
  • Recreation Center - Stephenville TX
    The Works Progress Administration built the Recreation Center in Stephenville between 1936-1939. The two story white rock building has basketball courts and a stage. A metal plaque on the front notes the date 1938-1939, while a marble cornerstone has the date 1936-1938.