• Alice Robertson School - Muskogee OK
    “Muskogee’s Alice Robertson School, now a 7th and 8th grade center, and the adjacent stadium, Indian Bowl, used WPA labor. The plaque in the school lobby indicates Federal Works Agency is credited with the job, as the project was completed after the reorganization requiring that label. Many communities wanted to avoid using the letters WPA, because of the stigma of using ‘relief’ labor. That did not appear to be true in Muskogee, which had many WPA projects. Federal Works Agency was a proper term, but many schools finished during that time used the common shield with the date and WPA,...
  • Fire Station 3 (former) - Muskogee OK
    The Public Works Administration helped to fund the construction of the former Muskogee Fire Department Fire Station 3, located on West Okmulgee Ave. The 3-bay fire station has two large bays for fire trucks and a smaller bay to the west. It features a white Deco/Moderne design, replete with a curved wall with windows on the east side, concrete lettering above the doors, a flat roof, and horizontal striping of contrasting dark color. It presently houses the Muskogee Habitat for Humanity store and offices. PWA Docket No. OK 1279
  • Indian Bowl - Muskogee OK
    “The stadium in Muskogee is called the Indian Bowl, and is made of white concrete. No WPA marker is visible, but the stadium is on the list of WPA properties. It was constructed with WPA funds and was eligible to be on the National Register. The adjacent Alice Robertson School is made from buff-colored brick.”
  • Muskogee Armory (former) - Muskogee OK
    This WPA armory was constructed by the WPA in 1936-37: "The Muskogee armory is a huge two-story, essentially rectangular shaped (260' x 160) building of cut, coursed, and rusticated native stone of buff colors. The masonry is of exceptional quality... Architecturally, the armory is unique as a WPA structure for its massive size, quality of workmanship, and its vernacular style."   (wpa3muskogee.pdf) The building is now in use as the Muskogee Teen Center.
  • Muskogee Fairgrounds, 4-H Building - Muskogee OK
    The WPA constructed a 4-H Club building for the Muskogee Fairgrounds in 1936. A 1985 Oklahoma Historical Landmarks survey of extant WPA properties describes the building: "The 4-H Club building on the Muskogee County Fairgrounds is a single story structure that is composed to two intersecting units... The structure is constructed of colorful uncut native stone laid randomly with beaded mortar... The 4-H Club building is an excellent example of the interpretation the WPA gave to 'useful.' The building was used by 4-H Club members during fair time as a dormitory and exhibit hall. Thus its educational and commercial purpose fit well...
  • U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Addition - Muskogee OK
    New Deal funds enabled an addition to the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse in Muskogee. "The U.S. Post Office and Courthouse is an excellent example of the Classical Revival style. Containing five floors plus a basement, the building gives the appearance of only four stories. In 1937-1938, an addition was constructed on the back of the building, and the former storage space on the fifth floor was converted to office space. The upper four floors are organized around a lightwell with corridors ringing the lightwell on the north, east, and south sides. Office space is off the corridor away from the...