Seaview Hospital Improvements – Staten Island NY

Seaview Hospital was a tuberculosis sanatorium constructed “between 1905 and 1938 and was the largest and most costly municipal facility for the treatment of tuberculosis of its date in the United States” (wikipedia). In addition to the nurses’ residence and… read more

South Beach Branch (no longer extant) Grade Separations – Staten Island NY

Follows is a description of part of a massive Public Works Administration (PWA) grade crossing elimination project, undertaken on the South Beach Branch (a.k.a. “East Shore” branch) of the Staten Island Railway. Most of the structures created are no longer extant…. read more

Staten Island Railway Development: Great Kills to Huguenot – Staten Island NY

“Between 1938 and 1940, a grade crossing elimination project was undertaken over three miles” of the Staten Island Railway “between Great Kills and Huguenot, eliminating seven grade crossings…” The Public Works Administration (PWA) provided a $1,294,000 grant toward this $3… read more