• Municipal Building - Springville NY
    This building was constructed as Springville's municipal and fire hall building by the WPA in 1936-1937. It no longer appears to house the fire department, but continues to serve as a municipal building housing the police department, court and other offices.
  • Post Office - Springville NY
    The historic post office building in Springville, New York was built "1936-1937, and is one of a number of post offices in New York State designed by the Office of the Supervising Architect of the Treasury Department under Louis A. Simon. The building is in the Colonial Revival style and is a one story brick structure crowned by a square, flat-topped cupola."
  • Post Office Mural - Springville NY
    The historic post office in Springville, New York houses a (12'4" x 4'2") Section of Fine Arts oil-on-canvas mural entitled "Fiddler's Green," which was painted by Victoria Hutson Huntley and completed in 1938. From the Springfield Journal (June 30, 1938): "Mrs. Huntley visited the Springville Post Office in late December and while here gathered the material which she has used as subject matter for the mural which is entitled 'Fiddlers' Green.' "Through reading histories of the town and talking with older inhabitants, she learned that in those good old days square dances were supposed to have been danced on the 'Green.' "Mrs. Huntley has painted...