Queens Borough Public Library, Astoria Branch Murals – Queens NY

The Astoria branch of the Queens Borough Public Library received a series of murals as well as accompanying sculptures under the Works Progress Administration (WPA)’s Federal Art Project. “[T]here was no controversy about the playful mural commissioned in 1938 for… read more

Riker’s Island Library Mural (missing) – East Elmhurst NY

“Beginning in 1936, Alland supervised the Photo-Mural Section of the Federal Art Project. He installed photo-murals at the Newark Public Library (1936) and at the Riker’s Island Penitentiary library (1937).”   (https://dlib.nyu.edu) The Riker’s Island mural, entitled “Approach to Manhattan” was… read more

Rikers Island Penitentiary Improvements – East Elmhurst NY

Excerpt from the National Archives and Records Administration, Neg. 17975-D: “Rikers Island Penitentiary. Description of work done by WPA. Erection of four single family residences; two single family residences; 5400 linear feet chain-like fence. Fence around entire institution, fence around… read more

Springfield Park – Springfield Gardens NY

Springfield [Pond] Park was constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), and were “turned over to the Park Department” on August 18, 1939. “A three-acre lake, once a mosquito-breeding swamp, is the center of the Springfield Gardens development,” wrote The New York… read more