• Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School - Hudson NY
    Hudson, New York's Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School was constructed as the Chancellor Livingston High School during the Great Depression. It was constructed with federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds. PWA Docket No. 3993-R. "The new building contains special rooms for a shop, library, music, art, homemaking, science, and a cafeteria, as well as an adequate number of classrooms. It has a gymnasium and an auditorium. The construction is fire resistive, with brick exterior bearing walls and interior steel columns and steel joists. The exterior trim is limestone and the roof is covered with slate. The cornices, railings, and the cupola are...
  • Post Office Extension - Hudson NY
    The present post office in Hudson, New York was originally completed in 1911; a Treasury Department-funded building addition was completed at a cost of $99,000 in 1938.
  • Post Office Reliefs - Hudson NY
    The post office contains five cast stone reliefs created under the TRAP program. The reliefs, created by Vincent Glinsky and his assistant Leo Schulemowitz in 1934, depict the "Evolution of Transportation."