• Bottomless Lakes State Park - Roswell NM
    "The New Mexico State Park system was founded in order to tap funding and labor from the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930s. Bottomless Lakes State Park was the under this new system . "The CCC began work at Bottomless in 1935 and completed all projects by 1938. The Works Progress Administration (WPA), another government relief effort labor force, was also significant in this effort. Roads, trails and recreational structures were the fruits of their labor. "The primary result of the CCC effort at Bottomless Lakes State Park was a large bathhouse and pavilion at the southern-most lake at this...
  • Cahoon Park - Roswell NM
    "The City of Roswell acquired the Haynes property in the 1930s and turned it into a municipal park. It was named Cahoon Park in 1936 after pioneer banker E.A. Cahoon. Now, the North Spring River is an intermittent waterway about 5 miles in length coursing through Roswells western suburbs with its banks largely lined with masonry wall or riprap. Numerous improvements to the park were undertaken as Works Progress Administration projects in the 1930s. One notable improvement along the river was construction of the masonry channel lining or riprap. Riprap lining was first added to the rivers channel through Cahoon...
  • City Hall - Roswell NM
    "WPA workers constructed this solid, no-nonsense building with Art Deco cement panels on the faade. As one of the many plaques in-side the structure emphatically states, it was Built and paid for in 1938-39. From 1939 to 1962 the Roswell Police Department operated from here, along with other City officials. Today it only houses City government offices, including that of the Mayorthe ceremonial head of the Cityand the City Manager who actually runs things. In recognition of his achievements and pioneering spirit the City dedicated this building to James W. Stockard (1859-1924), mayor of Roswell from 1906 to 1908, who...
  • DeBremond Stadium - Roswell NM
    "Thanks to Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal programs, which promised jobs to needy citizen, many facets of modern-day Roswell were born. Workers from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) built several schools, Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, a city hall, DeBremond Stadium, and Roswell's first museum in 1937, today known as the Roswell Museum and Art Center." -John LeMay
  • Historical Center for Southeast New Mexico - Roswell NM
    "The Historical Center for Southeast New Mexico houses four bronze busts done by John Raymond Terken in 1937. The busts are of prominent Roswell citizens John S. Chisum, Joseph C. Lea, John J. Hagerman, and Amelia Bolton Church." -New Mexico Off the Road
  • Municipal Airport (former) - Roswell NM
    "Roswell was one of four New Mexico cities designated to have an art center. The current Roswell Museum and Art Center, built in 1937, was known as the Federal Art Center. The original building has been incorporated into all the remodeling and additions since then. Cahoon Park was built in 1936 and another sunken garden planted. The old Municipal Airport, now the Unity Center for Teens, is another example of WPA funds put to good use." -Phyllis Eileen Banks
  • New Mexico Military Insitute Facilities - Roswell NM
    "New Mexico Military Institute had many projects that were built partially with WPA funds, among them horse stables for the cavalry." -Phyllis Eileen Banks
  • Roswell Museum and Art Center - Roswell NM
    "The Roswell Museum and Art Center was founded in 1935 through an agreement between the City of Roswell, Works Progress Administration (WPA), Federal Art Project (FAP), Chaves County Archaeological and Historical Society, and the Roswell Friends of Art. The Museum opened in 1937, deriving its initial support from the WPA as part of a Depression era project to promote public art centers nationwide. Today, the Roswell Museum and Art Center is among a handful of these Federal Art Centers that remain in operation. In its proposed plan, the WPA established that 'the root of the community art center idea is...