• De Baca County Courthouse Murals - Fort Sumner NM
    Under the auspices of the Public Works of Art Project (and not, as some sources site, the Treasury Section of Fine Arts), Russel Vernon Hunter painted three murals for the De Baca County Courthouse. The murals are on the second floor of the courthouse. Collectively entitled "The Last Frontier," they depict several scenes from De Baca County's history.
  • Fort Sumner Cemetery Wall - Fort Sumner NM
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed the walls and entry of the Fort Sumner Cemetery.
  • State Route 20 Improvements - Fort Sumner NM
    The WPA allocated $57,584 toward improvements to what was effectively the entire length of New Mexico State Route 20 leading from U.S. 60 in Fort Sumner to U.S. 285 leading from Roswell.  The project entailed the "grading and drainage of 45 miles of state road No. 20." The project was approved in 1935. WPA Official Project No. 65-85-895(?).
  • Sumner Dam - Fort Sumner NM
    "Carlsbad Project, New Mexico - The Alamorgordo Dam is being constructed on the Pecos River to supply additional storage for the Carlsbad Project. It is an earth and rock fill type of dam with a maximum height of 135 feet and a volume of 1,700,000 cubic yards. The storage capacity of the reservoir will be 115,000 acre feet. Construction of the dam was started in May 1936 and the river was diverted through the completed outlet outlet tunnel in November. The dam is to be completed by January 1938. Wilfred W. Baker is engineer." "Sumner Dam and Lake lie 250 miles...