• Aztec Museum - Aztec NM
    The city hall in Aztec, New Mexico was built by the WPA in 1936. The building now houses the Aztec Museum.
  • Aztec Ruins National Monument - Aztec NM
    The complex in Aztec Ruins National Monument consists of a "three-story structure as many as 500 rooms, includ a great kiva that is more than forty feet across." The name "Aztec" is a misnomer as the original excavators believed that the structures were from that tribe. In fact, "The pueblo dates from approximately A.D. 1100." In the winter of 1933-34, workers for the Civil Works Administration (CWA) built "an entrance road, a parking area, and general clean-up." Also in 1934, Public Works Administration (PWA) workers rebuilt some of the original structure as workers "dismantled the walls and relaid the masonry"...