• Airport Development - Claremont NH
    The Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) conducted a development / improvement program at what is now known Claremont Municipal Airport. "Develop and improve municipal airport" Official Project Number: 165‐1‐13‐18 Total project cost: $118,235.00 Sponsor: War Department "Improve airport" Official Project Number: 265‐1‐13‐13 Total project cost: $101,719.00 Sponsor: Town Board of Selectmen "Develop airport" Official Project Number: 265‐1‐13‐2 Total project cost: $93,979.00 Sponsor: Town Board of Selectmen
  • Library Improvements - Claremont NH
    Annual municipal reports for the early 1930s show that the local library benefited from the CWA in 1933 and from the ERA in 1934. The reports also describe how the local library distributed many books during this period to CCC camps in Concord and elsewhere as well as to hospitals, clubs and schools.
  • Moody Park Improvements - Claremont NH
    An annual town report for 1939 describes WPA improvements to Moody Park: "The Commissioners of the Park are pleased to report that the interest in the Park is increasing each year. More and more people are finding out about it and going there to get the view, enjoy the opportunity for recreation and the facilities that the fireplaces and tables afford for picnics. The Commissioners have had the assistance of the W. P. A. in the building of the tables and fireplaces and clearing up of the woods. This work is very much appreciated and has helped to accomplish much more...
  • Municipal Improvements - Claremont NH
    In addition to improvements water system, library and park improvements, town reports from 1933-1942 document the following New Deal support for town activities: 1933 RFC loan for the Welfare dept. $15,000 1934 The town budget notes $10,000 estimated for FERA work in 1935 1935 Blister Rust Control work: A total of 32 men were given employment for a considerable period on funds reported in the attached financial statement. 8 Claremont men were employed in the neighboring town of Plainfield. W. P. A. Federal funds expended $ 996.88 Area covered 1197 acres. Currant and gooseberry bushes destroyed 24,762. 1936 Support of Poor & W.P.A. Projects $30,000.00 WPA Payments totaled $13,284.94 to 29 companies...
  • Municipal Water System Improvements - Claremont NH
    Annual municipal reports for Claremont document extensive New Deal involvement in developing the city's water supply and sewage systems. In 1935, this work included WPA aid in the construction of the local Rice Reservoir, and CCC construction of five "water holes" "in outlying sections as an added aid in combating fires on isolated farms." In 1940, the PWA contributed to a municipal sewer project, and WPA labor was used to improve the hospital's sewer lines. New Deal aid for sewer projects continued into 1941.