Scotts Bluff National Monument – NE

Multiple New Deal organizations, particularly the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), worked to develop Scotts Bluff National Monument during the 1930s. From the National Park Service: For a short time, construction efforts came under the guidance of an agency known as… read more

Tuberculosis Hospital Heating Plant – Kearney NE

At approximately the same time that the State Board of Control was considering the construction of a new Men’s Hospital, a need for a new heating plant was also being considered. Architect John P. Helleberg, of Kearney, completed plans for… read more

Valentine National Wildlife Refuge – Valentine NE

Valentine Migratory Waterfowl Refuge was established in 1935 by an Executive Order of President Franklin Roosevelt.  Some 70,000 acres of land in the Sand Hills of Cherry County, Nebraska were purchased by the Bureau of Biological Survey “as a breeding… read more