• Denton Field - Miles City MT
    A baseball stadium "built in 1940 by the WPA, Denton Field was built to the specifications of professional minor league baseball. Today, the ballpark is still up to code for the Pioneer League. Today, the ballfield and grandstand, remains in pristine condition... Perhaps, even in better shape than the day it was built, (due to renovations including new elevated party decks down each line). Denton Field, has been home to the American Legion's Miles City Mavericks since it opened, and still hosts them today. However, Miles Field soon caught the attention of the rest of the American Legion, and became the tournament...
  • Municipal Waterworks - Miles City MT
    In early 1934 Big Timber Pioneer reported that the PWA allotted $3,900 for the improvement of Miles City waterworks.
  • WPA Road Improvements - Miles City MT
    The WPA allocated $10,807 for the improvement of "roads and alleys" in Miles City, MT in July 1938.