• Bond School Home Economics Building - Louisville, MS
    The National Youth Administration funded the new frame construction of the Bond School's Home Economics Building in Winston County. W.P. 5187, Application #903; NYA. I-A2-80" (Series 2018)
  • Legion State Park - Louisville MS
    "Legion State Park, also known as Legion State Park Historic District, is located in the red hill country of Louisville, Mississippi, and area originally inhabited by the Choctaw Indian Nation. It is one of the original Mississippi state parks developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s and includes the Legion Lodge, a hand-hewn log structure that has remained unaltered since its construction. Activities at the park include fishing, boating, swimming, hiking and camping."
  • Post Office - Louisville MS
    The post office was built by the Treasury Department in 1935 in a Colonial Revival style. The post office was enlarged with an addition in 1989-90 by architects Samuel "Sambo" Mockbee, Coker, and Tom Howorth. As so many small communities have chosen to replace their historic depression-era post offices, it is of note that Louisville chose a preservation path to keep the post office, and its "art for the people" available to the community at large.
  • Post Office Mural - Louisville MS
    The mural, "Crossroads," was installed in 1938. Karl Wolfe of Jackson, MS was one of only three Mississippi artists commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts for one of the 28 works installed in the state. He was paid $310 for the painting and installation (Black, 1998).
  • Winston County Library (former) - Louisville MS
    The old Winston County Library was the first public libary in Winston County, Mississippi. The Colonial Revival, 1-story building is currently in use as a Girl Scout Hut. "The building is eligible as an intact example of community facilities constructed under the auspices of federal public works programs of the 1930s" (Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Historic Resources Inventory database). MDAH indicates the library was built using WPA funds, with Winston County, the City of Louisville, and individuals contributing to the cost of the building.