• Maplewood Public Library/Former Swimming Pool - Maplewood MO
    This large stone building was completed by the WPA in 1938 along with a swimming pool. The pool has since been replaced by a modern pool, but the large bathhouse and attached buildings have been repurposed as the Maplewood Public Library. When it was built, the pool was segregated with this being a white only pool.
  • Post Office - Maplewood MO
    The historic post office building in Maplewood, Missouri was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds and completed in 1940. The building is still in use today.
  • Post Office Sculpture - Maplewood MO
    The post office contains a 1942 Section of Fine Arts sculpture by Carl Mose entitled "Family Group." The sculpture is a wood bas relief with the father in support at the base, mother supporting the child who is reaching for a dove. A church is in the background surrounded by trees. All is peaceful and tranquil in this scene with no fore-shadowing of war, save the child reaching for the bird of peace. Carl Mose was born 1903 in Copenhagen, Denmark, studied at the Chicago Art Institute, the Student’s Art League and Beaux Arts Academy in New York City. He specialized in...