• Bus Garage for Marysville High School - Marysville CA
    A brick garage built by the WPA for Marysville High School: "Gives the school district space to store and repair school buses, which heretofore sat out in the weather, and repairs to buses had to be done by private shops." (from the Verso below)
  • California 20 - Marysville CA
    $5,000 in federal funds were used for grading and surfacing 1 mile of California Route 20 (formerly CR 15) from the Southern Pacific RR underpass to the east end of the city, during the Great Depression.
  • Ellis Lake Park Improvements - Marysville CA
    In 1939-40, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) made substantial improvements to Ellis Lake Park, which was originally designed by landscape architect John McLaren in 1924 on an old slough of the Yuba River.  It is not clear how much of the park had been developed before the WPA came in to assist the city of Marysville.  The WPA workers dredged the lake, put cobblestone rip-rap on the banks, built rock lampposts for night illumination, and installed an ornamental fountain. They also added two tennis courts, a judging stand, a 20-ft. concrete and stone bridge to an island in the lake, and a...
  • Reed Creek Bridge - Marysville CA
    The bridge carrying Rancho Road over Reed Creek in Marysville, California was 1 of 7 bridges widened in Yuba County, California as part of a $50,000 federal grant during the Great Depression. There is a date stamp of 1935 on each end of the bridge.