• Albany High School - Albany CA
    Albany did not have a public high school until 1936; students traveled to Berkeley, Richmond or Oakland. The WPA and PWA contributed to the building of Albany High between, roughly, 1936-1941. According to the Albany Times from that period, five building units were constructed, including administrative offices, classrooms, laboratories, a cafeteria, nurse's offices, print shop, library, theater, gym, and music room. Regarding cost, also according to the Albany Times, the WPA contributed $20,000 of the $60,000 it cost to build the first unit, and at least $26,602 to building the third unit. A PWA grant of $28,350 went to the fourth...
  • Cornell School Addition - Albany CA
    'Build new addition to Cornell school building and install playground benches.' - 'Classification by County of California Works Projects,' California WPA, 1935
  • Ordway St. and Posen Ave Sidewalks - Albany CA
    The Works Progress Administration built sidewalks on Ordway St. and Posen Ave in Albany CA in 1939.
  • WPA Sidewalks - Albany CA
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed several sidewalks in Albany CA, which can be identified by distinctive WPA 'sidewalk stamps'. Such markers were commonly impressed into wet concrete to show the name of sidewalk contractors in the first half of the 20th century.  A group of WPA stamps can be found at 1301 Dartmouth St., 1054 Santa Fe Ave.(corner of Francis St.), and 1159 Santa Fe Ave.(corner of Pomona), south of Marin Ave and east of the BART tracks.  Another pair of WPA sidewalks stamps can be seen at 1509 and 1511 Sonoma Ave.  One stamp on Garfield just off San...