• Chiricahua National Monument - Willcox AZ
    "Chiricahua National Monument was constructed by a single Civilian Conservation Corps camp, NM2A, between 1934 and 1940. These young men reconstructed the Massai Point Road and built the trails, campground structures and visitor center, the lookout on Sugarloaf Peak, and the exhibit building on Massai Point. The buildings were assembled from boulders or blocks quarried from native welded tuff (hardened ash) found in the surrounding mountains. Designed in the National Park Service Rustic style, the buildings sit low and close to the landscape mimicking the surrounding rock environment and have been screened with native vegetation. A CCC exhibit in the...
  • Cochise Airport Runway Improvement - Wilcox AZ
    The Works Progress Administration carried out runway improvement work at the airport in the vicinity of Cochise, Douglas County. Project #309, completed circa 1936. The exact location and condition of this facility is unknown to the Living New Deal.
  • Willcox Women's Community Center - Willcox AZ
    The Willcox Women's Community Center was sponsored by the City of Willcox and completed in 1936. The project was completed with federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) labor. Project O.P. No. 65-2-166